Investigation and Internal Intelligence Service "S.I.R.I. "

was founded by three professional investigators to the best of their careers. Together, they bring their experience to serve their customers. Not only are our teams seasoned, but they bring all their energy and integrity to best serve their function. S.I.R.I. offers personalized services, competitive rates and is committed to always handle the files within the budget of their client.  



Is a must if you need a detective or an investigator. The varied experience of its operators also gives you the opportunity to benefit from several related services. Such as: professional centres and / or factories, law firms, insurance companies, education centres, etc. No situation, even if it seems difficult or inconceivable, does not scare us, because our team has all it takes to face it.

Which investigative agency should I hire?

Deciding which agency you are going to call can be a difficult test because there is a wide selection of agencies on the market, and when you think of the one that will meet your needs it becomes a real headache. It is for this reason that from the first contact with us, we will try to put you at ease to play down the situation and make your experience more enjoyable. We will take the necessary time and answer all your questions to simplify the process and meet your needs.

Everything is strictly confidential.


The S.I.R.I. Agency

We understands that it is not easy to trust an investigator, who after all is a stranger to you. It is for this reason that from the first meeting you can rest assured that it will be done in the utmost discretion, without any judgment and that all that will be said will remain strictly confidential.

The first consultation always taking place with the president of the agency or the director of operations, this is precisely to put you immediately in confidence with the most senior people in the organization.


Your file, our priority.

We believe that each file is unique and we pay special attention to it so that everything is concluded to the satisfaction of the parties involved. To avoid fragmentation and allow adequate follow-up, the client always communicates with the same manager, which also facilitates the relationship of trust and the exchange of information as well as developments in his file.


No agency can guarantee you the results following an investigation, but with preparation, diligence and experience, SIRI is your best choice for success.


Personalized service.

When you hire a member of our team, you have a partner at your fingertips. Staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In an emergency, rest assured that there will always be a sponsor.

Effective resources, sensible decisions and facts!

Some information needed in your dossier can seem very difficult to find. With S.I.R.I., once the term has begun, members work quickly and efficiently to find all the information relevant to your case. A gifted and experienced investigator knows what questions to ask, and he is like a conductor and sees to the smooth running of records under his guidance.

Tenacious with relevance.

Once the investigator is on a good lead, the agency uses all the means not to lose it and all the modern techniques are used to arrive at our ends, all for the greatest satisfaction of our customers. Moreover, the clients of the agency S.I.R.I. are always informed of the latest developments and are aware of the strategies needed to carry out the mandate.

Official Report

Clear, cohesive and accurate. All documents and reports issued by the agency are reviewed and approved by management. The documents are structured in a simple way for the client and / or advisors to understand and identify all relevant entries and notes.
Rest assured that the agency only reports the facts and does not traffic or varnish any information.


The price for a private investigator may vary depending on his / her talent, training and experience. At S.I.R.I. operations, either surveillance or investigations, are always carried out by a member vigilant and experienced. Choosing a firm with discounted staff can have disastrous and compromising consequences. Such as: to expose the client, to cause a lawsuit and / or a loss of capital invested. Our know-how is a aset for our customers because in no case do we take risks that are not calculated and approved. All of this comes at a price, but is profitable for our customers in the end.

Take the time to call us, we will be happy to take the time with you and reassure you