What to do when you think your spouse is cheating on you. 

 When you doubt your spouse, it’s extremely difficult to act normally and to live day by day. Fear haunts you and paranoia can invade all your thoughts and in the long run, it can break your union. If this sounds like your situation, it may be beneficial for you to take calculated steps to find out whether your suspicions are true or not.    


Knowing the truth will help you have peace of mind and not think dreadful scenarios. 

Be ready for best or worst.  

If you hire our agency to monitor your partner, be prepared for ether good or bad news. It is possible that your partner is faithful, if so, everything is perfect. However, many people who have a doubt or an intuition of infidelity, about 75% of them, are often right and the investigation actually reveals that their partner is unfaithful. However, having the evidence in hand, is a good method to deal with a cheater.

Clues / indication

Know that clues can be misinterpreted. 

If you are sure that your spouse is cheating on you, because there are behaviors and absences that arouse your suspicions, there is something you can do before jumping to conclusions.     


For example, if your partner has been for some time distant and / or aggressive, less attentive and / or affectionate,  talk with him or her, without suggesting infidelity and no accusations and ask him why he or she is doing so. There are several reasons beyond infidelity that can influence behavioral changes in a lover such as: work, stress of unpaid accounts, overtime, job insecurity, latent depression etc. All of these factors can be misguided clues. If the answers to your questions are not satisfactory, keep your eyes open and watch for other behavioral changes. Remember that your partner may be hiding something that has nothing to do with infidelity, either gambling or drug problems.

But, if the clues and your intuition make you believe more and more that there is unfaithfulness and you want to shed light on all this, call us. We are at your disposal and ready to serve you. Always listening, our experts will advise you conscientiously.  


Warning: never confront or accuse your partner with your suspicions as arguments. This can cause you problems and harm you in the future. Once your partner doubts that you suspect him, he may apply and hide further his secrets and may be more alert in a surveillance situation.  


Routine : The hardest thing to do to not destroy your chances during surveillance on your partner is to keep the good old routines. Emotions can make you impatient, and saying nothing may seem impossible, but while the agency is working on your file, that's exactly what you're going to be asked to do. That's why you need to find an investigative agency that will explain the strategies and reality of surveillance and not just tell you what you want to hear. As a result, the agency keeps you informed of all the events taking place and together we change the tactics if necessary.


Here are some important tips to follow in order not to decrease your chances of catching your spouse in default.  


  1. Never ask directly or indirectly if they are unfaithful.
  2. Never threaten to fallow them
  3. Do not ask too many questions about their schedule.
  4. Follow them yourself or with a friend.
  5. Ask them to show you their cell or computer. 

What are the places where I can find clues?

Here are some ideas that can help you see if your partner is playing you. This are simply clues and not concrete indications that your lover is cheating on you.


          Computer / Laptop

  1. Check Emails, deleted items removed. 
  2. Passwords changed. 
  3.  What are the websites visited. .
  4. Has the history been erased?
  5. Subject Spends Excessive Time on the Internet.



  1. Text message, Email. 
  2. Hide their cell phone. Keep their cell with them, even in the shower.
  3. Secure the bathroom door, even if you are only two.
  4. Cellular with password.
  5.  Confidential incoming call.
  6. Do not answer calls.
  7. Spends their time texting. 



  1. Additional kilometers.
  2. The passenger seat is moved.
  3. Unknown item under the benches.



  1. Work late at the office
  2. No indication of overtime on his pay check
  3. Leave for work early / return late after work. 
  4. Exit hours not explained. 
  5. Distant at home.
  6.  New friends.
  7. Very defensive and mood swings. 
  8. Sexual intimacy has fallen. 
  9. Takes a vacation alone or on business.
  10. Wants space.
  11. Change of clothing style.
  12. Change his physical appearance, Gym.
  13. He or She accuses you of being unfaithful for nothing. 
  14. They want to know your schedule in detail, to get the idea when to cheat.
  15. They are missing items of underwear. 
  16. Begins suddenly to do laundry "wash" themselves. 

Cellular Telephone.

If you take your partner's Smartphone to check inside, you may be mistakenly erasing the data you are looking for. Do not risk losing this important data in the device, instead, let our skilled technicians do a full analysis to back up all the evidence you need.

Infidelity / adultery

From the moment you think that your spouse / partner is cheating you, your mental and emotional health is upset. You need understanding and professional people to help you discover the truth. The agents of   S.I.R.I.  find the answers to your questions and produce irrefutable evidence. All our files are confidential and your privacy is always protected. From the moment you contact us, from the first consultation to the moment the file is closed, we guarantee a personalized, courteous and professional service.


The individual who wants the truth does business with us! 


Surveillance, why use one of our agents. 

The reason for doing business with a private investigator is that he is one of the best people to help you in your situation. He has the skills, experience and ability to monitor and keep track of an individual. Nowadays, especially in the city, following someone without being noticed is extremely difficult. No recipe or training "School" can live up to the experience gained from many years in the field. Not only do the detectives in our agency have years of experience, but they are all native of Montreal and the surrounding area, so they know the area very well. This gives a crucial advantage in anticipating the actions of the subject being investigated.   

No electronic monitoring equipment, be it GPS, Microphones, hidden camera, can replace the eyes and agility of a private detective. Direct monitoring removes all inconclusive assumptions versus electronic equipment that can be misinterpreted or dysfunctional. Electronic gadgets can sometimes supplement the investigation and can never ensure results like the constant presence of a detective. 

A team of trust.

Customers  trust us with their sensitive issues.  The agency S.I.R.I. works effectively to deliver the necessary information and answers to clients who need to make sound decisions.

Monitoring equipment.

All inquiries / surveillance are carried out using a multitude of electronic devices. Be it "hidden" video cameras, audio recorders and other electronic devices. Members of S.I.R.I. have all the tools at the cutting edge of technology. In addition, all surveillance tools and gadgets used are approved and correspond to the code of ethics and practice of the private investigation field. This ensures that the evidence accumulated during the term of the mandate is applicable, if necessary, to a court or arbitration. The testimonies of our investigators are always supported by material evidence.

Consultation - Mediation

Consultation : Sometimes victims of infidelity already have all the elements and evidence they need. However, they do not know exactly how to proceed and what options are available to them. It is for this reason that a consultation with us is essential. Do not make a major decision without seeking the advice of a professional. The investigators and detectives of the agency are not lawyers, but with all the years of experience gained in the field, we are able to advise you prudently at a fraction of the cost of that of a lawyer.

Mediation : A service that we offer you that can save you a lot of anxiety and court costs. Let us negotiate for you, whether it's for divorce, separation or something else, a fair deal for both parties is one of our specialties. Know that often an out of court agreement is better than a judgment. The agency can help you find an agreement that will satisfy both parties.  


Electronic listening and telephone.

Several options are available if you want to know the nature of your partner's conversations when you are away or in another room. However, the laws are very strict about it. At S.I.R.I. we know the restrictions and we can inform you about this. For more information, please call us for a consultation.

A discreet and lucrative service. 

Reference letter

                                                          Laval, January 2015

Mr. Marco Boudreau
Président / Director of Operations Investigative 
Service and Internal Intelligence

Subject : Appreciation of your services

Mr.  Boudreau,

We would like to express our satisfaction with the investigation services rendered following the robbery committed at our Laval office.

Thanks to your expertise and your judicious interventions, we managed to recover our equipment and to settle the damage done in a satisfactory way. Your follow-ups were impeccable and your professionalism undeniable.

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in such a situation.  

Wishing you every success, we ask you to accept, Mr Boudreau, our warmest greetings.

Sylvain C.
Financial planner