The president of the agency. 

The president of the investigation agency S.I.R.I. Marco Boudreau has more  than 16 years of experience in the field. Born in Montreal, the first five years of his career took place in the United States in Shreveport, L.A. under the wing of Rick Turner and Associates. Mr Turner, a retiree of F.B.I. and police chief, personally trained Mr. Boudreau by passing on all the necessary knowledge to become a good investigator. For the next 11 years, the President completed his training by working in Europe and Canada in the cities of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. He has the experience and versatility to administer, supervise and act physically in all investigations under his responsibility.  


Work injuries and / or personal injury claims have always been one of the biggest demands in his area of expertise. Mr. Boudreau and his associates know all the advanced techniques and use the latest electronic equipment to help flush out the fraudsters. All forms of fraud can be investigated: whether it is falsified statements or exaggerated pains and handicaps. Let us analyze the restrictions and / or damages that a plaintiff claims after an accident so we can protect you from fraudsters.

Let us, the experts, solve your problem.

We work with human resources departments, employers, private insurance firms and anyone looking for surveillance to eliminate fraud.   



We are a certified investigation agency at the top of the competition, not cheap contactors. When we take an investigation we seek to demonstrate the truth and find solutions to your problems. Take advantage of the opportunities available and shed light on situations that seem shady. In the end, in addition to the reports, we provide you with the precise videos ready to be submitted to the arbitration committee or to the court.   


Career Investigators 

Our agents on the road are investigators at the best of their careers; they are trained, alert, passionate and versatile. The results bring them personal satisfaction first and foremost. They are adaptable and competent to perform, produce video evidence, write accurate reports, and testify as needed.  


Work injury, CSST, SAAQ, private insurance claim, disability.  

Several claims files are filed each year in Quebec. Even if the claims seem exaggerated or prolonged by the applicant, social services, employers and private insurance often avoid using an investigation agency to investigate the case. A dubious applicant. For the most part, managers are unaware that there are services and possible proofs other than a mere medical report, versa evidence acquired by an investigative agency. 

If you have doubts about one of your clients / employees, the agency can shed light by monitoring the applicant and determine if a challenge is possible in his file.     

 There are more advantageous reasons to do business with a private investigation agency, and not to be the victim of a fraudulent claimant. Do not to pay for expert and physiotherapy fees, and administrative resources so-called "follow-up", as well as inconvenience and legal costs not necessary. If the case is well-founded and the plaintiff is exaggerating or totally misrepresenting his condition, unfounded expenses may be drastically suspended. In addition, contributions may be reduced with the CSST premiums.

Monitoring equipment. 

All surveillance operations are conducted using a multitude of electronic devices at the cutting edge of technology. Be it "hidden" video cameras, audio recorders and more. In addition, all monitoring tools and gadgets used are approved and respond to ethics and practices in the field of private investigation. This ensures that the evidence accumulated during the term of the mandate is applicable, if necessary, to a court or arbitration. The testimonies of our investigators are always supported by material evidence.  

Produce concrete evidence.   

If there is cause, the investigators of S.I.R.I. find the necessary evidence you need. We will produce with quality and precision a report accompanied by a video related to the needs of the mandate. 


Take advantage of our consultants who are aware of all new laws, as not being aware of legislative changes could adversely affect the techniques and evidence used in your mandate. As a result, the agency S.I.R.I. at all times, files a final product that is concrete, legitimate and admissible without fail in court.

A trusted partner.

Customers and agents trust us with their most sensitive needs and issues. The S.I.R.I. works effectively to deliver the necessary information and answers to the customer who needs to make important decisions. No "client" nor office acting under  authority should make major decisions that may affect the personal life of another "claimant" or damage his or her reputation. To do so can tarnish the image of the company it represents.  


Reference letter

                                                          Laval, January 2015

Mr. Marco Boudreau
Président / Director of Operations Investigative 
Service and Internal Intelligence

Subject : Appreciation of your services

Mr.  Boudreau,

We would like to express our satisfaction with the investigation services rendered following the robbery committed at our Laval office.

Thanks to your expertise and your judicious interventions, we managed to recover our equipment and to settle the damage done in a satisfactory way. Your follow-ups were impeccable and your professionalism undeniable.

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in such a situation.  

Wishing you every success, we ask you to accept, Mr Boudreau, our warmest greetings.

Sylvain C.
Financial planner